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And by fun, I mean being lazy. 

photo 4

This easy herb crust is paleo friendly and gluten free. It’s also vegan, but the lamb is not. 


If I ruled the world, the first thing I would do is stop supplying only button mushrooms in the supermarkets. And then I would finally get my blueprints off paper and into construction for my teleportation machine. Anyway, this won’t happen for at least another few months, so for now, I will distract my myself by making […]


But not actually. These meatballs are paleo friendly, so don’t go serving them on top of spagetti as the popular kids song would suggest. 

photo 1

Ooh la la. The French Cafe was recently named Metro Emirates restaurant of the year, along with a myriad of other prestigious awards, so what’s a girl to do? Dine there, of course. 


I feel odd – I haven’t spend more than five minutes in a kitchen in the past week.